Sidewinder Cased Hole Well Tractor & Services

Many oil and gas wells incorporate a high-angle or horizontal wellbore which provides challenges for the deployment of wireline logging tools and other downhole equipment. In some extended-reach high-angle or horizontal well sections, even the use of coiled tubing tool deployment is not feasible.

WDT have developed a next-generation well tractor as the foundation of its wireline drilling system development.
WDT’s innovative SIDEWINDER well tractor employs individually hydraulically-actuated and powered traction wheels with variable speed control and reversing capability. Its rugged and modular construction facilitates field configurable deployment flexibility.

The SIDEWINDER well tractor has a variety of applications including:

  • Frac plug deployment – efficiently deploy frac plugs to isolate frac stages in unconventional wells
  • Wireline logging tool deployment
  • Intervention tool deployment – quickly deploy well intervention tools in horizontal wells
  • Coiled tubing deployment in extended reach / horizontal wells
  • Fishing operations
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