Frac Plug Wireline Drilling System

WDT’s unique and patented wireline drilling system incorporates a WDT SIDEWINDER well tractor, a drilling module incorporating a circulation and cuttings removal system and a cutting capture and storage module.
The system is modular and easily transported to the well site where it can be rapidly assembled and deployed. Unlike conventional coiled tubing operations, the wireline frac plug drilling system can be set up and deployed downhole in minutes. Up to 10 frac plugs can be drilled in one wireline run. Once the frac plugs have been drilled, the system can be rigged down and rapidly deployed to another well or pad.

The WDT Frac Plug drilling system offer significant cost and time savings to unconventional well operators.

Benefits of Wireline Frac Plug Drilling System

  • Rapid deployment and rig up
  • Small footprint – allows simultaneous operations
  • Flexibility – can utilise on-site wireline units and can be quickly moved between wells and pads
  • Versatility – ability to deploy frac plugs as well as drill frac plugs and clean up well bore residual frac sand
  • No limitation on lateral length deployment
  • Can operate in multiple casing sizes
  • Significantly lower cost compared to coiled tubing operations
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