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Company History

Wireline Drilling Technologies was founded by a group of experienced oil and gas professionals who recognised a challenge and opportunity – namely how to drill laterals to stimulate production without using a costly drilling rig or coiled tubing unit.

One of the WDT founders ran an onshore oil company with many low output “stripper” wells. The production profiles for many of the wells was flat indicating the wells were not being adequately drawn down by the artificial lift systems. These wells had been on production for 30 years or more and exhibited a high “skin” caused by near wellbore formation damage. Further, the wells failed to respond to the conventional work over techniques of acid washes and re-perforations. The wells needed to be either hydraulically fractured or side-tracked but the cost of these methods would not be justified by the anticipated production levels. What was required was a low-cost method of drilling a side track to access clean, undamaged formation. A wireline drilling system was judged to be the solution.

Although wireline technology is almost as old as the oil and gas industry, to date no practical and commercial wireline drilling system has been developed. Although power (and telemetry) is easily delivered via the electric wireline, applying weight on bit and countering reactive torque from the drilling motor are issues not previously resolved. In addition, a circulation system that can both remove cuttings from around the drill bit and separate and capture the cuttings from the circulating fluid had to be devised.

WDT has addressed all of the above design challenges and has developed a versatile commercial wireline drilling system that can be adapted for a multitude of applications. The heart of the system is an industry-leading wireline tractor with many unique features. The wireline drilling system is only available from WDT and has been patented in the USA and other major oil and gas provinces.

WDT Management Team

Paul McClure: Joint Chairman

Roland Wessel: Joint Chairman

Daniel Wessel: CEO

Mike Duckering: VP Engineering
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